Mass Food and Farm License Plate

We've launched a special license plate to support new farmers, farmers’ markets, and a vibrant Massachusetts food economy - and we want you to join us -put your plate on the road today!


New Entry teamed up with Mass Farmers Markets and the Beginning Farmer Network of Massachusetts to launch the Choose Fresh & Local special license plate - a way to show your support for local food and farmers while backing the work of organizations like ours. 

To learn more and to purchase your plate, please visit OR

click directly to the special plate ordering form on the RMV website (select Fresh and Local).


Wondering how else you can help? Easy: Spread the word! Like us on Facebook, use the #MAFoodPlate hashtag, and if you're really dedicated and want to help us with additional outreach in your community, you can find print materials here.

We need to register 3,000 vehicles by 2021. By buying your plate today, you are not only backing small farmers, farmers' markets, and our local food system - you're supporting programs that will sustain a vibrant local food system for years to come. Help us and put your plate on the road - join us today!