Introduction to the Incubator

2023 incubator application

2021 Incubator Farmer Manual

The updated 2021 Incubator Farmer Manual.  This manual includes a description of the fees, procedures. and expectations involved with New Entry's Incubator Farm Training Program.  All applicants must read this handbook in it's entirety before participating in New Entry's Incubator Farm programming.  The agreement found on the last pages of this document must be signed and submitted to New Entry when applying for a farm site.

Note: Fees and expectations will be updated for the 2022 season shortly but there won't be dramatic changes to the 2021 Manual

NIFTI Fact Sheet: Global Growers Intake Process


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Global Growers is a garden and incubator program located outside of Atlanta, Georgia, which offers a range of opportunities to New American farmers. While new farmers often approach opportunities to access land with the idea that the biggest available site is the best site, this isn't always the case. A number of factors, outlined in this fact sheet, can help determine which site is the most appropriate for a new farmer. Global Growers' intake process is intended to match farmers with the opportunity most suited to their abilities and needs, and set the tone for participation in the program.

NIFTI Fact Sheet: Considerations for High Tunnel Design and Construction

NIFTI Fact Sheet: Considerations for High Tunnel Design and Construction. Compiled from 2017 NIFTI Listserv Contributions.

4.17.18 // 6:00pm to 9.25.18 // 9:00pm

Intro to Crop Production Course

The course will teach you everything need to know to get started in sustainable commercial vegetable production, with no experience necessary!

Farm Task Signup


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When “everyone” is responsible for tasks, often no one ends up doing them. We created these sign-up sheets for farmers to take individual responsibility for doing jobs around the farm and to have public (group) accountability. Farmers sign-up for tasks ahead of time (especially for time sensitive tasks such as watering). Introducing these tasks sheets and teaching farmers to use them will help ensure their use. This structure of using task sheets may have success if introduced at an early stage of the program.

Background Information on New Americans


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Background Information on New Americans’ is a compilation of resources about refugees and special immigrants actively participating in refugee agriculture programs at the  International Rescue Committee in Charlottesville, VA. The information originates from a variety of sources including the IRC itself and the Department of Health and Human Services. It provides abbreviated information about the cultural practices and context from which resettled people hail, with an emphasis on diet, food traditions and agricultural

2017 Farmer Manual


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The manual given to all our 2017 incubator farm program participants. 

Micro-producer Academy: Program Overview


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This is module 1 in a series of 8 modules in the International Rescue Committee's Micro-producer Academy.Farmers get an overview of the program, its context, and what they can expect from their participation in it. They also will have the opportunity to envision what they want their year to look like which can both help farmers to get excited about the season and help program directors better understand what their participants want from the program. This teaching resource was developed by International Rescue Committee in partnership with the Institute for Social and Economic Development (ISED Solutions). Refugee farmer training programs across the country provided feedback on this lesson, which is now integrated throughout the guide.

Global Gardens CSA Reimbursement Policies

This document provides the policies for how the Global Gardens CSA program reimburses their farmers throughout the season, including what might happen in the instance of crop failure. Intermediate. Keywords: CSA


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