8.19.17 // 11:30am to 1:00pm

CANCELLED: Fieldtrip Workshop: Selling at Farmers Markets

Come out to a highly successful farmers market to hear from Jeff Cole of Mass Farmers Markets speak about how to gear up to sell at farmers markets, including which permits are needed, food safety issues, fees and liability. You will also hear from Kate Canney of the The Neighborhood Farm. She will address how farmers markets fit into her farm’s overall marketing scheme, what equipment and how much time is needed, and how to best sell directly to customers.

7.8.17 // 10:00am to 12:00pm

Harvest and Post-Harvest Technique Field Workshop

Our Farm Manager John Short will be teaching a Field Workshop on harvesting and post-harvest strategies for the harvesting and care of safe, beautiful, and fresh vegetables and fruits. The workshop will focus on good harvesting techniques and maintaining food safety and preventing spoilage and loss both in the field and during storage.

Global Gardens CSA Reimbursement Policies

This document provides the policies for how the Global Gardens CSA program reimburses their farmers throughout the season, including what might happen in the instance of crop failure. Intermediate. Keywords: CSA

CSA Workshop Facilitation Guide

This guide helps facilitators teach a class about CSAs and how to find others to join a CSA. Beginner. Keywords: CSA

3-#1 Marketing and Sales Lesson Plan 2010

This lesson plan assists trainers in teaching new farmers marketing and sales skills including marketing options, marketing research, and applying marketing research to business plans.

Training Pre-Illiterate Refugee Farmers in Marketing Skills

Word document class outline for trainers to teachmarketing skills to pre-literate refugees.  Specifically designed for a pre-literate population, this class uses many interactive activities and games. Focuses on marketing at farmers markets.  Easily adaptable to other literacy levels. All Regions. English Level: advanced. Farming Level: beginning. Literacy Level: advanced. Key words: marketing, farmers markets, ESOL teaching.

Marketing in America

Powerpoint presentation introducing facts about marketing in America, presenting marketing expenditures of large businesses. Useful to compare marketing expenditures for small scale agricultural producers and highlight unique aspects of marketing that can be used to beginning farmers advantages. All regions. English Level: Begginer. Farming Level: beginning. Literacy Level: High.

Class Outlines - Farmer's Market - Advanced

Word document class outline for advanced farmers market class.  Goals of class are outlined, does not offer speaking points and is not paired with another presentation.  Centers around a guest speaker who tells students about how to run a stand at a farmers market. Class is specific to NASAP, structure could be adapated to other programs.  All Regions. English Level: advanced. Farming Level: intermediate. Literacy Level: Advanced. Key Words: farmers market.

Class Outline - Wholesale 2013

Word document class outline of activities and presentations on a class related to different marketing techniques.  Focus on wholesale transactions with an emphasis on how to specialize in certain markets. All regions. English Level: Advanced. Farming Level: Advanced. Literacy Level: Advanced. Keywords: Wholesale, Certified Organic, and advertising

Farmer's Market Basics - Running a good business at the market

Powerpoint presentation for farmers about the basics of selling at a farmers market.  Includes how to run a stand, price the products, choose products to sell at market, cost analysis, and presentation.  All Regions. English Level: Beginning. Farming Level: Beginning. Literacy Level: Low. Key Words: marketing, farmers market, budgeting.


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