Farm Incubator Projects and the Farm Bill

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 // New Entry in the News

New Entry's own Eva Agudelo is quoted several times in a great article in YES! magazine about incubator farm projects. They called the right person, seeing as Eva runs the National Farm Incubator Training Initiative (NIFTI) … and the timing is pretty good too, since the NIFTI's annual field school was just last weekend in Minnesota.

On why this work is important:

“Becoming a farmer in this economy, doing the kind of farming that we're doing, makes sense in a future where oil has gotten so expensive that we can't actually use it anymore,” Agudelo said. “We're not there yet, so it's still challenging for small-scale farmers to compete with the industrial food system.”

Read the whole article online: Farmer Startups? How Incubators Are Helping Small, Sustainable Farms Take Off