Farm Hack Comes to Lowell

Friday, January 17, 2014 // Jennifer Hashley

What do you get when you bring together engineers, software developers, farmers, tinkerers, public health advocates, and food security interests? A night of conversation around basic electric theory, shop talk on the world of sensors and solenoids, rovers, bicycle cultivators, and arduinos - and a whole lot of fun! New Entry hosted a gathering of “farm hacks” in partnership  with Apitronics and Lowell Makes to share ideas and innovations that are using open source technology to solve everyday challenges on farms. From greenhouse sensors that send text messages to farmers when the temperature drops and plants might freeze to new-fangled cultivating equipment to software that helps farmers keep better track of inventory, there are great minds conjuring up all kinds of applications where technology and innovation can help farms be more efficient and productive. You can learn more about the  Farm Hack movement here and if you want to geek out on arduinos, feel free to sign up for a great workshop coming up on January 25th sponsored by Lowell Makes. And, if you just want a really cool weather station that can collect an infinite amount of data and could probably be configured to make your coffee for you in the morning, order one here.  Happy Hacking!

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