Volunteer with New Entry Food Hub!

New Entry Food Hub provides multiple volunteer opportunities for individuals who wish to support our mission of helping new farmers, strengthening the local food system, and providing greater access to fresh, local produce throughout our communitiesWe rely on the assistance of a team of dedicated volunteers to prepare hundreds of boxes of fresh produce each week from early June to late October to be delivered all over eastern Massachusetts. Their time and energy is invaluable, and we are incredibly grateful for all their hard work and enthusiasm!

Food Hub Share Packer

Responsibilities: Volunteers unload, unpack, pack, and prepare our customers' orders. This includes taking inventory, washing bins, neatly packing shares, loading and unloading onto pallets and trucks, and cleaning up after we finish fulfilling orders.

Time Commitment: Our workshare volunteers commit to Monday afternoon shifts, usually not to exceed three (3) hours each day. We generally pack the same amount of produce all season, we prefer volunteer availabiltiy and commitment for the whole season (May-October).

Our schedule is as follows: Mondays 1pm - 4pm

Site/Supervision: Volunteers will work directly with the Food Hub Coordinator at 733 Cabot Street, Beverly MA.

Benefits: Work alongside caring, friendly individuals committed to solving problems in our food system. Volunteers will have the oppourtunity to learn about the handling and use of produce and those who can commit to at least two shifts per week for 20 weeks receive a complementary CSA share to show our appreciation.

Contact Info/Next Steps: To inquire about this volunteer position, please fill out a Volunteer Inquiry Form today!

New Entry CSA Cluster Coordinator

Cluster Coordinators are responsible for hosting CSA pick-up sites (ie, community centers, places of worship, corporations, etc…). Cluster Coordinators help to promote the New Entry CSA in their communities, such as hanging posters, posting announcements in newsletters or community listservs, and helping to organize events, such as a pre-season meeting.  Cluster Coordinators are also responsible for making arrangements for distribution locations, such as storing boxes and ensuring that shares are shaded or sheltered.

Interested in hosting a pick-up site in your community? This role is a little different from other volunteer roles, as it involves more logistics for our team. Instead of filling out a Volunteer Inquiry Form, please email ginger.turner@tufts.edu to learn more about becoming a Cluster Coordinator!

We are currently recruiting Cluster Coordinators for our existing Medford pick up at Condon Shell and Beverly pick up at Waldorf School at Moraine Farm!