SNAP CSA Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sign up for a SNAP CSA Share?
Email Cyrena Thibodeau at cyrena[dot]thibodeau[at]tufts[dot]edu or call 978-656-1654 to enroll. She will walk you through the process since our season is already underway.

When and where are the shares delivered?
SNAP CSA shares are delivered once per week from the end of June through the last week in October. Share locations and pick-up times are available here.

How much is the SNAP CSA Share?
The SNAP CSA share cost is $80 per month: $40 of SNAP benefits and $40 of rebates from the Healthy Incentives Program.  Check out our SNAP CSA Shares page for more information about how we arrived at that price.


Do I have to pay the full $80 monthly payment with SNAP and HIP benefits?
No.  If you do not have enough benefits to cover the $80 per month cost, or you do not wish to pay for the full amount with your benefits, you may pay for any portion of the monthly cost up front.  The portion not covered by your SNAP benefits must be paid prior to the first week’s delivery each month in cash or check mailed to the New Entry office.  This option must be indicated on the Membership Agreement. 

I do not have SNAP benefits, can I still get the SNAP CSA reduced price?
No, unfortunately the reduced price for the SNAP CSA share is only available to individuals currently receiving SNAP benefits.

How much produce is in the SNAP CSA share?
The SNAP CSA share contains about $28 of local, organically grown produce each week.  This includes about 5-6 vegetables and 1-2 fruits.  An example of a share includes 1 bunch of swiss chard, 1 head of lettuce, 1 large zucchini, 1.5 lbs of potatoes, 2 ears sweet corn, 1 eggplant, 2 heirloom tomatoes, 1 bunch basil, and 1.5 lbs peaches.  More info here.

Can I share my SNAP CSA share with another household?
Yes, but the share must be paid for by one individual and splitting of the share cost is at the discretion of the individual shareholders.  Multiple households that are splitting a single share should make pickup arrangements with one another to either have one partner pick up the share, or meet at the distribution to split it up.  If share partners choose to meet at the pickup to split the share, they must split up the share away from the pickup site (for example at a shareholder’s car).

Under no circumstances should anyone leave a partial share at the pickup site for their partner to pick up, as someone else may mistakenly take it thinking it is a full share.  Please do not ask site coordinators to hold a partial share for your share partners.

Can I change pick-up locations?
Yes, please get in touch by calling 978-656-1654 or by emailing Cyrena Thibodeau cyrena[dot]thibodeau[at]tufts[dot]edu.

Can I cancel my share?
Yes, if you no longer wish to participate in the SNAP CSA, you may ask for a cancellation form by calling 978-656-1654 or by emailing Cyrena Thibodeau cyrena[dot]thibodeau[at]tufts[dot]edu.  You must return the completed form at least 10 days before your next monthly SNAP benefit disbursement.  If you do not return the completed form at least 10 days before that date, the CSA share payment may automatically be deducted from your next SNAP benefit issuance.  We will process your cancellation as quickly as possible but we are unable to award any reimbursement for shares already paid for.

What if I can’t pick up my share?
Shareholders should arrive at their chosen pickup location for the season, during the designated pickup time window. Shares that are not picked up at the end of distribution will be handled at the site coordinator’s discretion, often being donated to a food pantry, or other needy households.  Unless otherwise stated for your pickup location, please do not contact site coordinators to ask if you can pick up your share before or after the stated pickup window.

You may have someone else pick up your share on your behalf.  To do this, simply have the designated person inform the site coordinator when they arrive at the distribution point, and/or have the designated person check off the shareholder name on the check-off list when picking up the share. You need not contact the CSA Coordinator or the site coordinator to have someone pick-up on your behalf.  Please make sure anyone picking up your share knows what size share (small is green, large is red) they should take.

Where does the produce come from?
Our produce is grown locally and harvested fresh, within hours of pick-up.  World PEAS aggregates produce from about 30 beginning, immigrant and refugee farmers from within 100 miles of Boston.   All produce is grown using organic and sustainable growing practices, and farmers are prohibited from using synthetic pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, fertilizers, and GMO seeds.  Farmers also receive technical assistance and support year-round from New Entry staff to maintain production integrity in their fields and farm products. Our farmers act as stewards of rural and suburban lands, by increasing soil fertility and health while preserving agrarian landscapes.
We source additional fruits and vegetables from a handful of farms within 100 miles of Boston that use certified organic, organically-grown, and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices, mainly for local fruit and sweet corn, which our beginning farmers do not grow.