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The World PEAS Food Hub offers the following share options:

  • Farm Share: Our signature share! 20 weeks of delivery from June 6th to Oct. 19th
    • ​Large Share: Fruits & vegetables for 4-5 people per week. Price: $835
    • Small Share: Fruits & vegetables for 1-2 people per week. Price: $570
  • Summer Share: New this season! 10 weeks of delivery from June 6th to August 8th
    • Large Share: Fruits & vegetables for 4-5 people per week. Price: $440
    • Small Share: Fruits & vegetables for 1-2 people per week. Price: $300
  • Fall Share: 10 weeks of delivery from August 15th to October 17th
    • Large Share: Fruits & vegetables for 4-5 people per week. Price: $440
    • Small Share:  Fruits & vegetables for 1-2 people per week. Price: $300
  • Egg Share:  Local eggs from pasture-raised hens at Pete & Jen's Backyard Birds, fed GMO-free certified organic grain with no supplemental synthetic hormones or growth promoters. Receive ½ dozen per week, 20 weeks of delivery starting June 6th - Oct. 19th. Price: $100
  • SNAP CSA Share: The SNAP CSA share contains fruits & vegetables for 1-2 people per week, options for between 4 and 20 weeks of delivery starting June 6th - October 19th.  Customers pay using thier SNAP benefits and receive a reduced price - only $10/week, which is fully reimbursed through the Health Incentives Program, making the SNAP CSA free of charge for SNAP participants. To enroll call: 978-654-6745
  • Fair Share: Add an extra $6.50 per week onto any share type to support the cost of a share for low-income families. Your purchase is tax deductible up to the donation amount of $130.00. Price: $130
  • Donations: Choose to make a tax-deductable donation of any amount along with your purchase of a CSA share. In 2016, World PEAS was able to deliver $85,000 of fruits and vegetables to underserved communities, thanks in part to CSA member donations.
  • Gift-A-Share: Give the gift of World PEAS! A World PEAS CSA share makes a wonderful present for any friend, family member or loved one. Also great for wedding presents! Email breanne.wroughton@tufts.edu to learn more. 
  • WorkshareSmall & Large shares available in exchange for sufficient volunteer hours.

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Where can you pick up? World PEAS Shares are delivered to several different locations around the greater Boston area each week. If you are interested in hosting a CSA pick up at your office or home, contact the World PEAS Food Hub Coordinator, Breanne Wroughton by e-mail or at 978-654-6745 to discuss options.

Your share is delivered with a weekly e-newsletter, The Pod, that features recipes, crop information and farmer profiles. Check out newsletters from previous seasons to see what past shareholders received in their shares!

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) embodies a unique relationship between producers and consumers, which benefits consumers, farmers, local communities and the environment.

The easiest and most delicious way to know where your food comes from and how it is produced is through membership in a CSA (community supported agriculture) program, which brings the farm directly to your kitchen table. Through joining a CSA, you, along with other members of your community, support farmers by purchasing food shares before the start of the growing season, providing capital for the farmers to purchase the seeds, supplies, and labor required to fill your box, then you enjoy the spoils as the growing season unfolds. During the agricultural season (June through October), you receive a “share,” or box, of the produce harvested each week.                                                                                                                              

Small Spring CSA ShareWhen you purchase a World PEAS CSA share, you get good quality and sustainably grown produce. This is really the freshest and the best that our farmers have to offer, delivered directly to pick-up locations around Boston and Middlesex County. World PEAS beginning, immigrant and refugee farmers use organic growing practices. We source additional fruits and vegetables from farms within 100 miles of Boston that use certified organic practices, as well as farms that use integrated pest management.

When you purchase a World PEAS CSA share, you get good variety.  World PEAS farmers grow a mix of familiar and ethnic crops, and we work hard to assure that a nice mix is included in each share. The World PEAS CSA provides a weekly blend of seasonally available fruits, salad and cooking greens, tomatoes, eggplant, carrots, potatoes and a wide variety other vegetables.  You will enjoy the benefits of eating with the season, enjoying such items as tender greens, strawberries, and peas in the spring, tomatoes, green beans, sweet corn in the summer, and winter squash, pumpkin, potatoes, and pears in the fall.  World PEAS CSA shareholders receive over 70 different crops over the course of the season. We provide a list of your share’s contents via newsletter before you pick it up. This is an immense help to meal planning and also a great way to introduce yourself to new products.

When you purchase a World PEAS CSA share, you have the option of increasing food access for low-income families.  Purchase a Fair Share and automatically contribute $6.50/week towards subsidizing the cost of a share for low-income families and individuals, at less than half the cost. You may also choose to donate a lump sum to the World PEAS Fair Share program, allowing World PEAS to distribute produce to low-income communities in Boston and Lowell. 

When you purchase a World PEAS CSA share, you help small-scale beginning farmers establish and grow their businesses.  World PEAS CSA is unique because it is a multi-producer program.  This means that instead of the produce all coming from one single farm, the produce delivered is grown by over 30 beginning, immigrant, and refugee farmers, as well as a variety of local orchards and berry farms. Many World PEAS farmers grow crops on less than 1 acre of land, and many have limited English language skills, adequate transportation, or computer literacy- all of which are needed to be able to develop an individual CSA.  World PEAS CSA aggregates produce to remove these barriers, allowing World PEAS farmers to connect directly with World PEAS consumers. 

For more information about the World PEAS CSA, read our 2016 CSA Customer Survey Summary.