General Information

Both celery stalks and celery roots are used as vegetables. Celery can also be grown for its seeds, which contain oil that is used in perfumes and pharmaceuticals. Whole seeds, as well as ground seeds, are used as a spice.  Celery is part of the “Holy Trinity” of Louisiana Creole cuisine, along with onions and bell peppers. In French cuisine, celery is combined with onions and carrots to produce the base for their sauces and soups.

Storing & Cooking Information

Handling: Trim leaves from celery before cooking, but reserve them for garnishes or soups and stews. Remove the bottom core.

Storing: Celery should be placed in the fridge immediately or it will go limp.  It can last 2-4 weeks wrapped in a towel or in a plastic bag and stored in hydrator drawer of fridge.

Freezing: Celery can be frozen for later use in soups.  It will not be suitable for eating raw after being frozen.  Roughly chop the celery and place it in a freezer bag; store immediately in the freezer.