Green Onions

Green onion

General Information

Otherwise known as scallions, green onions are young onions eaten before the bulb develops. Both the green and white parts are edible, although some recipes only call for one part. Green onions are the oldest and most used ingredient in Chinese cooking and they are the only member of the onion family commonly used in Japanese cooking. Try them in stir-fries, egg dishes, on top of potato salad, in sandwiches spreads or dips.

Health Benefits

Green onions are high in Vitamin K, which is crucial for growth, development, and maintenance of strong bones. Those deficient on Vitamin K are more prone to Osteoporosis. A single stalk of green onion can provide about 16-22% of the recommended Vitamin K. Green onions are also rich in photochemical which can help to support the immune system.

Storing & Cooking Information

Handling: Rinse scallions in cold water and snip off anything floppy.

Storing: Scallions will last 2-3 days wrapped in a damp towel or in plastic bag and put in hydrator drawer of the refrigerator.

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