Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti Squash

General Information

The spaghetti squash is large, oval, yellow winter squash variety with a nutty flavor.  Unlike other squash varieties, the spaghetti squash flesh separates into long, thin strands when cooked, creating long squash “noodles.”  Cook the spaghetti squash whole in the microwave or oven, then remove seeds and scrape the flesh with a fork.  Substitute spaghetti squash for noodles in pasta dishes, or simply saute with olive oil, garlic, and some cheese for a simple side dish.


When peeling winter squash, it is much easier to remove it after it has been baked. The roasting process of the squash allows the skin to lift off in the oven. Otherwise, the process can be quite difficult and tedious. If peeling before baking is necessary for your recipe, a sharp potato peeler should do the trick, but may yield less squash than the former method.  

Winter Squashes have a light, sweet, slightly nutty flavor and can be added to almost any recipe. Adding certain spices can change the taste of your squash to one that coincides with the taste of your main dish. Winter squash is a versatile cucurbit that can be used for soups, smoothies, stuffed in mushrooms, or a simple side dish.

If you are interested in saving the seeds, you can prepare them in the same way you would prepare pumpkin seeds. After cleaning them with water, these seeds are best when tossed with a little bit of oil and seasoning. Feel free to use salt, or even spice it up with some chili powder, or wasabi powder. These seeds can be eaten after they’re cooked, but are also a clever garnish for winter squash recipes. 

Storing & Cooking Information

Handling: No need to peel the spaghetti squash.  Just cook it whole and then remove the seeds and scrape out the flesh with a fork.  

Storing: Winter squash will last 3-6 months stored at room temperature in a dry and cool (50-55 degrees) but not cold location.

Freezing: Cook the squash until soft, scoop out the flesh with a fork, pack in freezer containers, label, and place in the freezer.