Wholesale & Institutional Orders

World PEAS Food Hub aggregates over 75 varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs from local farmers for distribution to customers in the greater Boston area. By connecting our beginning, immigrant and refugee farmers to diverse wholesale and institutional markets, World PEAS helps increase their farm incomes while making local foods accessible and convenient for to businesses and institutions, including restaurants, school dining services, community organizations, food pantries, local buying clubs and more.

Let us know you if would like to receive our weekly crop availability list to place an order (min. order of $50)!

What is unique about World PEAS?

  • Local, sustainably grown produce: All our produce is grown locally and sustainably. World PEAS beginning, immigrant and refugee farmers use organic growing practices, cultivating non-GMO produce without the use of synthetic pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or fertilizers. We source additional fruits and vegetables from farms within 100 miles of Boston that use certified organic practices, as well as farms that use integrated pest management.
  • High quality produce: World PEAS produce is fresh, harvested within hours of pick-up. Orders are packed and handled with care, and delivered in a refrigerated vehicle to maintain produce integrity. 
  • Socially just: World PEAS works with a network of small-scale and beginning farmers in Eastern Mass as part of the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project. Farmers originate from North America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Caribbean, and many of these farmers are economically and socially disadvantaged. By purchasing produce with World PEAS, you receive fresh, local, healthy produce while directly supporting the next generation of multicultural farm families.
  • Diverse crop offerings: The diverse farmers which World PEAS supports plant many crops that are rarely grown in New England, including lemongrass, amaranth, long beans, garlic chives and more. 
  • Streamlined communications: World PEAS Food Hub offers streamlined ordering and communications. Your business will work directly with the Food Hub Coordinator, who is responsible for ensuring swift, efficient communication and superior service to make supporting local farmers as simple as possible.
  • Tailored marketing & promotion: World PEAS will develop marketing materials to help promote your business and our program. Impress your clients with tailored newsletters, brochures and/or handouts that connect their experience to values like sustainability, local economies, and social justice!

Connect with us!

Interested in finding out how your business can purchase fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs from the World PEAS Food Hub? We want to work with you too! Please contact World PEAS Food Hub Coordinator, Breanne Wroughton, at breanne.wroughton@tufts.edu or 978-654-6745.


to current and previous wholesale customers, including Tufts Dining, Artistry on the Green Restaurant, Corporate Chefs, Tamper CafeMerrimack Valley Food Bank, and UTEC.